The relevance of risk management to travel

The relevance of risk management to travel

Corporate travel is inherently risky because it puts employees in unfamiliar and/or disadvantageous environments. Examples (and there are many hundreds of others) include:

• Visiting destinations where travellers stand out from the
local population and may be targeted for criminal or
terrorist purposes

• Driving where local laws (different side of the road),
customs (not observing traffic signs) and conditions (poor quality
roads) may all be different

• Fatigue

• Unfamiliarity with local health risks (which can be greater
than or different from those at home) and medical facilities
(often less equipped than at home)

As businesses globalize, these risks are becoming more acute, since travellers are increasingly likely to travel greater distances to environments less like their own. However, it is important to view risk management as an enabler of travel, not an inhibitor. Business travel is possible to almost any destination in the world so long as steps are taken to mitigate the risks.
Example: Without risk mitigation, it would clearly be impossible to visit the oilfields of southern Iraq. With risk mitigation, including a crisis management plan, a full destination briefing, close
protection (if deemed appropriate), etc., such a trip would be possible.

In the context of risk, travel should include long-term
expatriate assignments as well as short-term transient
travel. For this group of employees, the increased time
they spend away from home places increased strains and
some increased risks both on the employee and their
families. The travel security provider BizJet Security claims
that 20%to 25% of expat assignments fail
– and that security concerns are a major factor in those
failures. For simplicity’s sake, this whitepaper refers to all
individuals away from their usual workplace as “travellers,”
independent of the length of the trip.

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