Just a Reminder of What you CAN take On Board

Just a Reminder of What you CAN take On Board

Spirits…such as whisky or brandy up to a maximum of 5 litres* per person.

Medical items or toiletries (including aerosols) such as hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes and aftershaves, in containers of up to 500g/500ml* each, to a total of 2kg/2l*

Portable electronic devices containing lithium batteries such as lap top computers and mp3 players. Such devices should be carried in hand baggage; spare batteries MUST be protected against short circuit and carried in hand baggage.

Safety matches or one lighter when carried on the person BUT NOT IN EITHER CHECKED OR HAND BAGGAGE. Separate lighter refills are not permitted.

battery powered mobility aids such as wheelchairs, when carried as checked baggage. Contact your airline in advance to check what special conditions apply.

*NOTE – Additional security restrictions mean that liquids (e.g. spirits, toiletries) in containers of more than 100ml capacity must either be packed in checked baggage or purchased after the airport security check point. With the prior agreement of the airline and the departure airport, essential medicines for the period of the trip may be permitted in quantities above 100ml, providing the passenger can produce supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.

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